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How to Go for Your Dreams

Posted on: December 30, 2008

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Everybody has dreams, even if they’re buried deep inside childhood fantasies. Here’s how to find them and make them come true.




  1. Get in touch with your dreams. What do you fantasize about doing with your spare time? What extraordinary future makes you feel a little bit more alive when you imagine yourself in it? What did you dream about when you were a child? Think about it …And write it all down.
  2. Identify mental obstacles that stand in the way of your dreams. For example, maybe you’ve always dreamed about becoming a painter, but you were too worried about what people think, or about not making enough money. In this case, your obstacles are ego and finances. Ask yourself honestly: What’s more important, achieving my dreams, or getting respect from my peers, or being financially secure? If I had to choose between my dreams and my other concerns, what would I choose?
  3. Make changes in your life. If you’re not already working towards your dreams, you’re probably trapped in a cycle that keeps you locked away from them. Break the cycle. For a lot of people, that means changing careers. (Read How to Switch Careers.)
  4. Set clear, inspiring goals. Goals are like pillars that support your dreams.


  • Discovering your dreams is an ongoing process. Often, as you try to make your dreams a reality, you learn more about what you want. For example, you might have dreamed about becoming a vet, but in the middle of vet school, you may realize that your dreams involve training animals rather than treating them. Don’t be scared to adjust your course as you learn more about yourself and what you want out of life.
  • Believe in yourself
  • Keep moving forward and live in the now. If you have trouble letting go of something in the past, e.g. something you feel bad about, then write it down on some paper and then destroy the paper- ripping, shredding, anything as long as its gone and you can move forward to follow your dream.
  • Don’t lose focus if something that appears better comes along.picture6
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